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Innovation & Transformation Complete Cloud for Higher Education

Innovating in Higher Education - CompleteCloud for Higher Education

Higher education is undergoing unheard-of instability and transformation. More than ever, institutions need a solution that can keep up with the development of new technology, altering student expectations and fluctuating economic conditions. A comprehensive suite of Oracle Cloud Applications, including Oracle Cloud HCM, ERP, and Student Cloud, coupled with end-to-end professional services, are provided in CompleteCloud for Higher Education.

In this blog, we will go over the main advantages and features of Complete Cloud for Higher Education, including its user experience, analytics and reporting, data model, industry-standard platform, and professional services.

User Experience

The Complete Cloud for Higher Education solution offers appealing consistency and simplicity as customers browse between cloud services. This implies that all users, regardless of their roles, enjoy a contemporary, consumer-like user experience, which promotes easy adoption and lowers training expenses. Higher education institutions can be assured that their employees, staff, and students will have a seamless and consistent experience across all cloud services.

Analytics and Reporting

Another key area of the Complete Cloud for Higher Ed solution is reporting and analytics. The technology allows enterprises to synchronize all organizational levels by offering a comprehensive perspective and conveniently accessible data and analytics. The system offers cross-functional reporting to give organizations a competitive advantage by harnessing the benefits of HR and Financial data. This implies that higher education institutions can quickly acquire the data they need to make educated decisions and have a comprehensive view of their operations.

Data Model

Complete Cloud uses a common data model for both HR and Finance. Standardization is fueled by shared architecture and master data, and as employees move throughout an organization, the system knows exactly where that person resides and handles workflows automatically. This is a huge benefit for higher education institutions, where employees and students move around frequently and keeping track of them can be challenging. Institutions can rest assured that their data is accurate and up to date.

Industry Standard Platform

This shared technological architecture provides the solution’s standards for mobile, social, analytics, security, and integration. Organizations can be sure that their demands will be satisfied by the most comprehensive cloud solution on the market as they expand or as their operational needs evolve. Higher education institutions will enjoy that their technology will be able to keep up with the changes in their business and the higher education market.

Oracle Student Cloud

Oracle Student Cloud is a service created for the higher education sector to facilitate innovation and students' changing expectations. It is designed from the ground up to support lifelong learning on a single, expandable platform, spanning pre-collegiate through undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and beyond.

Oracle Student Cloud's usage of potent AI and conversational interfaces is one of its standout features. These technologies help institutions track and assist student growth by driving a single-minded focus on bettering student outcomes. The solution's adaptable design supports competency-based education and term and nonterm continuing education. Colleges can offer various educational opportunities to address the different demands of their student base.

Oracle Student Cloud's financial aid module is a key component. Real-time synchronization with outside data sources offers efficiency that changes the game. This makes it possible for universities to process financial aid applications and award packages swiftly, which can enhance the educational experience for students and ease the administrative load.

Oracle Student Cloud also provides a stable infrastructure that is secure and sustainable, protecting institutional data. Because of its modular design, institutions can quickly access innovation and new capabilities by choosing their path to the cloud. Higher education institutions can be sure they can keep up with student expectations and the changing higher education landscape with Oracle Student Cloud.

Professional Services:

Pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation services are all bundled together for a fixed fee subscription with our professional services. Because it comprises a systematic pre-implementation cloud transformation strategy and planning, data cleanup, and business process harmonization, leading to more effective and less onerous implementation, this comprehensive offering increases customer satisfaction.

To ensure a seamless implementation process, our professional services team uses various tailored cloud implementation tools, pre-configured test scripts, a library of tried-and-true integrations, an application of best practices, and training materials. Post-implementation support is also included in the subscription to ensure operational success. This cost-effective option offers complete life-cycle support to help clients execute their cloud transformation successfully.

We are certain that our execution and technologies will enable institutions to keep up with trends and satisfy digital age requirements.


Complete Cloud for Higher Education solution provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for institutions facing the challenges of the rapidly changing higher education landscape.

The solution includes a suite of Oracle Cloud Applications, including Oracle Cloud HCM, ERP, and Student Cloud, along with end-to-end professional services that can help institutions adapt to new technology, changing student expectations, and fluctuating economic conditions.

We strongly recommend that higher education institutions consider implementing the CompleteCloud for Higher Education solution to stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of the digital age.


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