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Cloud Transformation Assessment (CTA) is a collaborative workshop that helps your organization clarify its strategy, identify business value, and lay out a roadmap for migrating HCM or ERP applications to the cloud.

A strong cloud migration strategy enables organizations to achieve significant operational and functional performance improvements. Many organizations are faced with obsolete technology, applications that have limited features, high maintenance costs, and poor security. Combined, these factors creates the need for a digital transformation.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a CTA?

Drivestream Cloud Transformation Assessment (CTA) is a highly interactive, informative, and structured workshop that will help your organization clarify its strategy, identify business value, and lay out a roadmap for migrating to HCM & ERP Cloud applications. It will assist you in determining your overall readiness for migrating to HCM & ERP Cloud Applications.

Completing a CTA Workshop is the first step towards a holistic cloud transformation. After completing the workshop, Drivestream will provide a report that: 

  • Maps current systems and processes to the cloud 
  • Identifies modules that will improve current state functions and processes through transformation and adoption of best practices
  • Defines the project scope, implementation approach, and project timeline 
  • Identifies change and provides guidance on optimizing adoption
  • Identifies project risks, if any, and provides a mitigation approach based on lessons learned
  • Articulates the overall value of the cloud transformation for your organization

The end result is that you will be well prepared for a successful transformative journey to the HCM & ERP Cloud.

What is the charge for the CTA?

CTA is one of Drivestream’s Strategy & Advisory service offerings with costs that range from $30K to $100K depending on size and complexity of the institution.

How long is the workshop?

There are three parts to the CTA workshop: Pre-Workshop Preparation, Interactive CTA Workshop and CTA Assessment Report Readout.  Below is a typical timeline.

CTA Duration 3

CTA Workshop is the first step towards a holistic cloud transformation

What do we need to do to prepare for a workshop?

Drivestream will schedule a one hour call with your organization to determine your overall objectives, specific challenges you face and the scope of the transformation (e.g., HR, Finance, Payroll etc.) During this call we will discuss current technology, applications and process to gain a general understanding of your current state.

What is included in the agenda?

Drivestream’s strategy and advisory consulting team and Oracle cloud subject matter experts will assess your organization's readiness for transforming and migrating to the cloud from the following perspectives:

  • Business Process Review – Identify areas for transformation & Best practice adoption 
  • Implementation Approach – Review & Understand Cloud Implementation Methodology 
  • Cloud Transformation Roadmap – Collaboratively develop execution plan and timeline 
  • Organizational Readiness – Collaboratively plan for handling organizational change 
  • Risk Management – Assess potential risks and understand how to mitigate them 

Please fill out the contact form on this page and we will schedule a time to review the Agenda with you in detail.

Will we receive a post workshop report?

Yes.  The final report is organized into six sections:

  1. CTA Objectives Recap, & Executive Summary
  2. Business Process Review by Application (e.g. HCM, ERP)
  3. Technical Scope Review: Integration Conceptual Diagram and Conversion Flow Diagram
  4. Project Charter
  5. Project Timeline
  6. Training and Change Management

The breadth and depth of this report is directly tied to the scope of the CTA

May I see a detailed example of a final report?

Yes.  Please fill out the contact form on this page and we will schedule a time to review the report with you in detail.

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