Hillside Family of Agencies uses Oracle Cloud Services to Deliver Diverse Human Services.
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Hillside Family of Agencies uses Oracle Cloud Services to Deliver Diverse Human Services

Seamless Migration from On-Premise EBS to Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP

Hillside Family of Agencies is a non-profit human services organization that delivers a diverse set of services for children and families, and people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, including foster care, education, tutoring, and other human services.

Diverse services mean diverse funding streams, and with 80% of expenses relating to payroll, Hillside has many cost allocations. Hillside chose a unified Oracle Cloud Services environment for HCM, ERP, and Payroll to replace their on-premise EBS, and is now able to report into an integrated GL system.

As a non-profit, they needed lower Total Cost of Ownership with Cloud IT so they could spend time leveraging the functional capabilities of the system, rather than worry about keeping the servers turned on.


Success Highlights

Highly complex payroll implementation with multiple legal employers and multiple concurrent assignments.
20% of employees have multiple assignments (some as many as 5 active assignments).
Multiple assignments both within single Tax Reporting Unit (TRU) and cross TRUs.
Complex conversion mapping of dissimilar EBS to Cloud data structures
Mid-year balance conversion of over 180,000 records
Strong collaboration between Oracle, Drivestream and Hillside ensured smooth delivery.
Critical show stopper averted when Drivestream found data mapping expert in Oracle COE for guidance.
Now Live
Now Live
Before we implemented Oracle Payroll Cloud we evaluated a few other products, and it became apparent that Oracle was still the leader in its ability to deliver on our costing requirements in Payroll and transferring into an integrated GL system.

It's key, especially when you're talking about the Cloud, to look for a partner that has a proven track record with successful implementations, not only because their internal people have the skills, but also that they’ve paved some good inroads with the Oracle development counterparts.

Why we chose Drivestream. Culturally they seem to be a very good fit for us. They really seem to listen, and they seem to meld well with our staff versus some of the other partners that seemed to be more like "we know best". Additionally I was very impressed with the post support options that we had.
Carolyn Kenny
Director, Information Services,
Hillside Family of Agencies
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