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What is a CTA?

Drivestream’s Cloud Transformation Assessment (CTA) is a collaborative workshop that helps organizations clarify their strategy, identify business value, and lay out a roadmap for migrating to Oracle cloud applications.

A strong cloud migration strategy enables organizations to achieve significant operational and functional performance improvements. Many organizations are faced with obsolete technology and applications that have limited features, high maintenance costs, and poor security.

Does your application limit your performance?

Application limitations can prevent organizations from:

  • Adapting quickly to market conditions
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Achieving accurate reporting
  • Maintaining efficiency in business workflows
  • Meeting basic goals and needs
  • Developing a high-performance talent culture

Technology is one of the main levers of change for organizations to thrive and outperform in the market. Oracle Cloud is designed to deliver advanced technologies to innovate and stay ahead of fast changing forces that are driving new business models and ways of working.

Transform Your Business

Transform Your Business

Completing a CTA Workshop is the first step towards a holistic cloud transformation. It starts with a pre-implementation assessment that seeks to:

  • Establish the value of a cloud transformation for the organization
  • Measure the potential impact of change across the organization
  • Identify key cloud implementation risks and risk mitigation strategies
  • Review and map business processes to the cloud
  • Collaboratively scope and develop the cloud migration strategy
  • Provide a comprehensive estimate of the required resources and costs involved

Plan Your Transition

After completing the workshop, Drivestream will provide a report that:

  • Defines the project scope, implementation approach, and project timeline
  • Identifies functions and processes that can be improved through transformation and adoption of best practices
  • Identifies change and provides guidance on optimizing adoption
  • Identifies project risks and provides a mitigation approach based on lessons learned
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