Webinar Series with Transformational Insights for Higher Ed

Post Go-Live Support: What You Need to Know

This session discusses the value of application managed services for cloud applications and why it is necessary for organizations. It will cover what is included in the services, outline the benefits, and discuss what is expected of the school.  There will also be a discussion of the metrics used to evaluate the service's success.

Recorded June 8th, 2023

What to Expect During the Implementation

This session you will learn about the key components of an implementation, and the various resources required.  Then we walk through a sample implementation timeline and discuss the deliverables received. Finally, we will discuss a case study of a school that went through a successful implementation and the challenges they faced.

Recorded May 18th, 2023

How to Prepare for the Transformation

This recorded webinar walks through the Cloud Transformation Assessment that helps organizations clarify their strategy, identify business value, and develop a roadmap for migrating to Oracle cloud applications.  You will gain insights from past workshops conducted at higher education institutions. You may sign up for a CTA assessment here.

Recorded April 27th, 2023

Big Picture: Streamlining Campus Operations

This recorded webinar provides an overview of Oracle Cloud Applications and their relevance to Higher Education organizations.

A Discussion of how these applications can help modernize and streamline various campus operations - HR, Finance, and Student Experience.  

You will gain insights on implementations conducted at other higher education institutions and the challenges they faced.

Recorded April 6th, 2023