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Master the Art of Financial Planning - Oracle Cloud EPM & Drivestream

Today's business landscape is marked by uncertainty and rapid change. Organizations need a firm grasp of their financial position to make informed decisions about investments and growth. Oracle Cloud EPM offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management applications that help businesses analyze, understand, and report on their financial standing. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Oracle Cloud EPM, focusing on both technical and business aspects. Additionally, we will discuss the professional services provided by Drivestream, an experienced Oracle partner, to help businesses maximize the potential of Oracle Cloud EPM.

Connecting Data Across Your Organization

Oracle Cloud EPM integrates seamlessly with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, ensuring you always use the most up-to-date numbers. Rather than running separate planning cycles for finance, operations, sales, and HR, Oracle connects data across your entire organization, allowing you to build forecasts and scenarios that update automatically as your bottom line changes. This integrated approach enables better decision-making and a more holistic view of your business.

Scenario Modeling for Expected and Unexpected Events

With Oracle Cloud EPM, you can model multiple scenarios to simulate outcomes and plans for expected and unexpected events like mergers and acquisitions, changing revenue streams based on business model changes, or economic disruptions. This capability allows businesses to prepare for various possibilities and make data-driven decisions.

Leveraging Machine Learning for Smarter Insights

Built-in machine learning in Oracle Cloud EPM helps identify correlations and trends in the data, such as detecting human bias in a sales projection and improving sales forecast accuracy. By leveraging these advanced technologies, businesses can make more accurate predictions and better-informed decisions.

Profitability and Cost Management

Oracle Cloud EPM's profitability and cost management capabilities provide insights into the costs of delivering products and services and the returns they generate. This information enables businesses to refine their plans further and make better-informed decisions about resource allocation.

Streamlining the Financial Close Process

Speed is crucial during the financial close. Oracle offers dedicated accounts reconciliation, tax reporting, and consolidation solutions that leverage machine learning and process automation to reduce cycle times continuously. Automating these processes allows businesses to close their books faster and focus on more strategic initiatives.

Comprehensive Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards

Seeing the big picture at all times is critical for businesses. Oracle Cloud EPM provides comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards across the entire EPM suite to help you meet internal and external reporting needs. These powerful tools offer visibility into your organization's financial performance and help you make better decisions.

Ensuring Data Governance with Enterprise Data Management

You can rest assured that you're reporting the right numbers with Oracle Cloud EPM's Enterprise Data Management, which rationalizes data structures and takes care of data governance. By maintaining data integrity and consistency, businesses can have confidence in the accuracy of their financial reporting and decision-making processes.

Scalable, Secure, and Compliant

Oracle Cloud EPM is built on a highly secure and scalable architecture, ensuring the system can grow with your business without compromising performance or data protection. The platform complies with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, giving you peace of mind knowing your sensitive data is protected.

Professional Services Provided by Drivestream

Drivestream Inc., a longtime partner of Oracle, has extensive experience in providing professional services that help businesses maximize the implementation of Oracle Cloud EPM. As an expert in the field, Drivestream works closely with organizations to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to Oracle Cloud EPM, leveraging its deep understanding of the platform to optimize its benefits for clients.

With a proven track record in delivering successful Oracle Cloud EPM implementations, Drivestream offers a comprehensive suite of services covering every process aspect. These services include strategic planning, solution design, data migration, integration, customization, training, and ongoing support. By partnering with Drivestream, businesses can tap into the company's wealth of experience and knowledge to unlock the full potential of Oracle Cloud EPM and create a more agile, data-driven organization.


Oracle Cloud EPM provides a powerful suite of tools that balance both technical and business benefits to help organizations stay agile, make data-driven decisions, and plan for growth. Businesses can maximize their potential and confidently navigate the ever-changing business landscape by integrating data across the organization, offering advanced scenario modeling, leveraging machine learning, and streamlining financial processes. Oracle Cloud EPM empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of every opportunity, both now and in the future.

In addition, the professional services provided by Drivestream enable businesses to efficiently implement Oracle Cloud EPM and ensure they reap the full benefits of the platform. With a proven track record and a comprehensive suite of services, Drivestream is a valuable partner for organizations looking to optimize their enterprise planning management systems with Oracle Cloud EPM.

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