Elevating Higher Education with Oracle Cloud Expertise

Four Key Challenges Facing Higher Education

Declining Enrollment

Oracle Student Cloud helps institutions better engage with prospective students, personalize outreach, and improve the recruitment process, ultimately increasing enrollment.

Financial Sustainability

Oracle Cloud ERP helps institutions better manage resources, optimize budgets, and streamline financial processes, leading to long-term financial sustainability

Recruitment & Retention

Oracle Cloud HCM automates hiring processes, identifies skills gaps, and supports employee development, leading to a more engaged and productive faculty.

Technology Advancement

Oracle Cloud supports digital transformation by integrating new technologies, streamlining processes, and enabling institutions to better utilize data for decision-making.

Oracle Student Cloud and Drivestream Services: The Future of Student Experience at Your Institution

We understand that providing a personalized and seamless experience is essential for student success. That's why we offer Oracle Student Cloud implementation and support services to help institutions optimize their student experience.

Oracle Student Cloud is a student-centric system that enables institutions to streamline and automate their student services and processes. With Oracle's advanced technology, institutions can provide students with personalized, digital experiences throughout their entire academic journey. 

Registrars benefit from streamlined course scheduling and registration processes, while Advisors can access real-time data to better advise students and provide targeted interventions. Faculty easily view and manage their course rosters and grades, and Bursars simplify billing and financial aid disbursement processes. Student life staff improve student engagement and retention with targeted interventions and support, while IT staff benefit from simplified system maintenance and updates with Oracle's cloud technology.  Learn More


Elevate The Campus Experience with Student Life

Welcome to Student Life, the ultimate solution for revolutionizing how students experience campus life! Student Life is designed to empower students with the tools they need to manage their college experience easily. With AI-driven technology, they can easily access and manage all their campus resources and services in one place, making their life as a student easier and more connected than ever before with their phone.

Student Life is a bundled offering of RahRah, the technology provider, coupled with Drivestream's professional services. The fusion of Drivestream's expert strategic guidance, implementation, and RahRah's pioneering technology redefines the role of technology in Higher Education. Institutions can now offer a more accessible, proactive, and engaging digital campus experience while simultaneously streamlining operations and reducing technology costs.  Learn More

Unmatched experience in Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM Implementations

University Deploys One of the Largest Cloud Projects Within Oracle’s Higher Education Customer Base – we led the large and complex project implementing Oracle’s HCM, ERP, Talent & Learning Cloud applications simultaneously.  Read More

University Improves Automation & Workflow of HR & Financial Processes With Oracle Cloud – Drivestream helped the client adopt best practices for business processes, and new capabilities such as AI and embedded intelligence. Read More

Liberal Arts College Completes Comprehensive Digital Transformation With Oracle HCM Cloud – we led the project to transform the client’s Oracle EBS system into a robust, agile Oracle Cloud platform. Read More

Community College rapidly deployed COVID tracking & reporting with Oracle Cloud HCM, to meet statutory requirements while moving to an online environment. Read More

Transform Student Financial Planning with Our Comprehensive Services

With the help of our expert Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) implementation professionals, your institution can take student financial aid planning to the next level. With Oracle's SFP solution and our services, your institution can manage each student's financial plan on an individual basis and get real-time information about the student's entire enrollment, leading to better financial decisions and improved student outcomes.

Don't settle for less when it comes to managing student finances. Choose Drivestream and experience the power of our professional services.  Learn More

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Reducing Total Costs and Developing a Strategic Transformation Roadmap with Cloud Transformation Assessment

In the digital era, data is the lifeblood coursing through every process – from student enrollment to payroll and accounting – and universities are dealing with obsolete applications and unreliable data as they struggle to meet their performance imperatives.

Modern, cloud-based applications have revolutionized data management, especially in higher-education, where the unified platform has dramatically improved operational efficiency and student outcomes. With the cloud, you get to leverage cutting-edge technology that is at once affordable and optimized to precisely serve your needs.

Do you want to find a smarter way to leverage your data? It’s time for a Cloud Transformation.

Drivestream’s Cloud Transformation Assessment provides a structured way to assess your cloud readiness, map your business processes to the cloud, reduce total costs and develop a strategic transformation roadmap.   Learn More

Insights to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Organization

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Complete Cloud for Higher Ed

Complete Cloud for Higher Education solution provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for institutions facing the challenges of the rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Read More

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We are a supplier providing Oracle cloud consulting services and solutions, enabling institutions of all sizes to seamlessly transition to the cloud. Supporting all Oracle Cloud ERP modules, Drivestream offers a comprehensive range of advisory, design, build, testing, training, cutover, and ongoing support services to ensure successful implementation and rollout



We are the exclusive implementation partner for the HESS Collective delivering cost-effective implementation, training & support for the Oracle Cloud for Higher Education’s cloud-native common ERP/SIS platform

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We are the exclusive implementation Partner for Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM and SIS. The exclusive offer for members includes planning, implementation, training, and ongoing support.

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The fusion of Drivestream’s expert strategic guidance, implementation, and RahRah’s pioneering technology redefines the role of technology in Higher Education. Institutions can now offer a more accessible, proactive, and engaging digital campus experience while simultaneously streamlining operations and reducing technology costs.