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Oracle Cloud Student Financial Planning

With the help of our expert Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) implementation professionals, your institution can take student financial aid planning to the next level. With Oracle's SFP solution and our services, your institution can manage each student's financial plan on an individual basis and get real-time information about the student's entire enrollment, leading to better financial decisions and improved student outcomes.

Don't settle for less when it comes to managing student finances. Choose Drivestream and experience the power of our professional services.  


Top Four Challenges Facing Financial Aid in Higher Education


The cost of higher education continues to rise, and many students struggle to afford tuition and other expenses


Enrollment & Retention

Higher Education institutions face challenges of declining student enrollment and retention rates

Labor Shortages

Financial aid departments across the nation are severely understaffed and overwhelmed with the demands of the position

IT & technology challenges

Legacy systems cannot keep pace with demand, nor provide the knowledge and access students seek

Streamline Financial Aid Processes and Reduce Administrative Costs 

Our SFP Transformation Methodology

Just migrating data to new systems without process harmonization and data normalization only moves the disparities and challenges from the current system to the new system.

It's a Transformation Versus Migration

We specialize in transforming the areas of financial aid that need attention. Our strategy entails identifying the people who will be affected by the required changes and establishing agreement on the best course of action. We use highly structured workshops and planning methodologies to define the specifics of the approach and the plan for implementation.

We can reduce potential risks and offer certain, practical solutions for every engagement by drawing on our extensive experience and lessons learned. You can rely on us to guide you skillfully and with ease through the challenges of a financial aid transformation to help you achieve optimal results from the Oracle Cloud SFP solution. Together, we address the top four industry challenges head-on.



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