Cloud Migration
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Why Enterprise SaaS Needs Application Managed Services

Cloud Migration

Drivestream has been at the vanguard of the transition from on-premise environments to the cloud since 2013, leading the way with vitally important cloud-managed services and helping to clear up misunderstandings about the need for SaaS application-managed services. Drivestream was one of the first partners to use Oracle's cloud platform for business applications, giving it unique knowledge of the critical elements that influence the success of a "move to cloud" campaign.

First insight: The Importance of the Cloud
The cloud platform is merely the starting point for best practices operation and positioning for future improvements using cutting-edge and developing technologies. Companies can identify redundant tasks, inefficient processes, and needless manual steps that can be replaced with cutting-edge technologies like robotic processing automation (RPA), chatbots, artificial intelligence, and blockchain by gathering and comprehending system utilization patterns and statistics. Through the development of cutting-edge capabilities on top of the cloud platform, Cloud applications can provide businesses with a competitive edge.

Second insight: System Adoption
The secret to making the most of the cloud platform is for the business user to fully embrace the system and utilize all of its features and functions. The rate at which the system is adopted by the business user determines a significant portion of post-implementation success.

Third insight: Periodic but Infrequent Critical Events
During the course of business operations, highly important but uncommon occurrences like year-end processing, quarter close, taxation, audits, and benefits open enrollment frequently produce short-term urgency. To provide a smooth automated start and end to these activities, prior planning and preparation are required.

Fourth Insight: Problems that Persist from the Implementation Stage
For a variety of reasons, such as hasty implementation, poorly understood requirements, inadequate testing, and inadequate training, many problems don't surface until after go-live. It is helpful to prepare for a brief "hyper care" phase in case such circumstances occur in order to solve these concerns.

Drivestream Managed Services
Drivestream's approach to managed services for the cloud takes a thorough and all-encompassing strategy that takes into account the above-mentioned insights and goes beyond merely the upkeep and management of the system. We offer maintenance, updates, break-fix, functional and technical advice, custom development, and training as part of our application-managed services.

Upkeep, upgrades, and emergency repairs
We provide triage and problem-solving for situations where the system is not operating as it should through our production support and break-fix service. We also provide after-hours service for urgent matters that need to be handled after regular business hours.

Technical and Functional Consulting
Functional and technical assistance, process improvement consulting, and system optimization are all part of our functional and technical consulting service. In addition to process improvement consultancy to help optimize company operations and system optimization to boost system performance, we offer functional and technical support to business users so they can get the most out of the system.

Personalized Development
Custom reports, custom interfaces, and custom form development are all part of our custom development service. We can construct custom interfaces to integrate the system with other systems, develop custom forms to support particular business processes, and produce bespoke reports to fulfill particular business needs.

User Adoption

Effective training is crucial to ensuring that business users can make the most of the system's features. We offer end-user training, administrator training, and specialized training as part of our training services. To satisfy the demands of our clients, we provide both on-site and online training choices.

Cloud-managed services demand a thorough and all-encompassing strategy that takes into account the crucial insights outlined above. Drivestream has the knowledge and experience to guide clients through the move to the cloud and make sure they can make the most of their cloud platform.


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