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Best-in-class HR functions leverage Technology

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In the spring of 2021 APQC fielded a survey to 200 HR leaders to better understand their application of technology.  They awarded 57 organizations "Best-in-class" designation based on their achievement of superior results in at least four out of five HR outcome measures, which included employee engagement, HR ROI, HR customer satisfaction, employee experience, and voluntary turnover. 

For the most part, the 200 organizations shared the same primary objectives for their use of technology in the HR function.  However, they discovered three primary implementation practices put into operation, is what earned these organizations "Best-in-class" designation: 

  1. Integrating their technology with other systems across the enterprise
  2. Leveraging cloud-based technology
  3. Leveraging emerging technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and AI

Cloud HR tech that provides the proper foundation

Oracle's Fusion Cloud HCM has been named a Leader by Gartner for the sixth consecutive year.  And for good reason, Gartner states Oracle's strengths are: 

  • Technology: Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is built on the same Fusion technology stack as Oracle Cloud ERP, which is attractive to organizations desiring a combined HR and finance solution. Furthermore, Gartner is not aware of a product with more flexible cloud deployment models for supporting both software and hardware updates

  • UX: Oracle Journeys enhances the applicability of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM to various employee life cycle moments and increases Oracle’s overall UX strength. Additionally, Oracle has enhanced the reporting and analytics experience to enable users to access and use reports via natural language (text and voice command)

  • Broad functional capability: Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is rated by Gartner as having the highest average and combined total scores for all functions considered for HR. It is the most well-rounded product evaluated in this Magic Quadrant

Purchasing application subscriptions to Oracle Cloud HCM is a smart step towards "Best-in-class" performance. The tech gives you the foundation to put into practice what is key to be "Best-in-class."  

Selecting the best implementation service provider

The tech in and of itself, however, isn't enough.  It is the implementation of the technology that is key to high performance. Choosing the correct implementation services organization is the linchpin to achieving "Best-in-class" performance. When selecting your implementation partner use these questions to evaluate if they are capable of delivering implementation results that will deliver best-in-class performance.

  1. What is their experience delivering Cloud HR in your industry?
  2. What is their experience delivering the specific Cloud HR application you are considering?
  3. Can they benchmark your current HR performance and measure against similar sized organizations to help set your baseline and future goals to measure improvement?
  4. Do they have a structured approach that can be done quickly to help you size the level of effort required to move to the Cloud HR application before you commit to the application?
  5. Do they have a testing tool and methodology specifically configured for the Cloud HR application under consideration to ensure timely and high quality implementation?
  6. What are their customer satisfaction scores from implementing Cloud HR?
  7. Will they align their costs for the implementation with your Cloud HR subscription?

The answers to these questions, will help you quickly zero in on the service provider who will be able to implement your Cloud HR tech affording your organization Best-in-class performance.  

Sources: APQC paper "Leveraging HR Technology" published September 28, 2021; "Gartner, Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud HCM Suites for 1,000+ Employee Enterprises"  published by Gartner Inc., October 19, 2021


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