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Elevate Your Decision Making with Insights-Driven Analytics

To be competitive insights-driven analytics is a must

Being data-driven was once considered sufficient for organizations to remain competitive. However, with the increasing amount of data generated daily, simply collecting and analyzing data is no longer enough to gain a competitive edge. To truly succeed in the future, companies need to be insights-driven.

Being data-driven involves collecting and analyzing data to make informed decisions based on past trends and patterns. This approach relies on historical data to make decisions and improve business outcomes. On the other hand, being insights-driven involves leveraging fact-based decision-making and unbiased predictions to stay ahead of the curve. It goes beyond simply analyzing past data to using data to make accurate predictions about future trends and outcomes.

In today's fast-paced business environment, insights-driven companies are better positioned to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Insights-driven organizations use data to drive innovation, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. In contrast, organizations that remain data-driven risk falling behind their competitors, as they are limited to simply reacting to past trends and patterns rather than predicting and shaping the future.

As businesses look to make informed decisions, it's becoming clear that being data-driven is no longer enough. Organizations must be insights-driven, leveraging fact-based decision-making and unbiased predictions to stay ahead of the curve, which requires higher performance tools. Oracle Fusion Analytics is an immersive data and analytics solution that empowers business users to make prebuilt, data-driven insights to improve decision-making.

Providing Alignment Across the Organization

Oracle’s Fusion Analytics enables alignment across the organization on key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing different business functions to work towards shared objectives. Oracle aims to provide Fusion Applications users with descriptive and prescriptive strategic insights to facilitate faster decision-making in their day-to-day workflows. They envision Fusion Analytics powering insights across finance, human resources, supply chain, sales, and service, seamlessly embedded into the user experience of Fusion Applications.

A High-Level Perspective of Oracle’s Capabilities

Oracle combines the advanced analytics capabilities of Fusion Analytics with the existing reporting capabilities of Fusion Applications. Here is a view by major application groups.

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytic

Fusion ERP Analytics helps users unearth and analyze key profitability, revenue, and cost drivers. Highlights of the capabilities include configurable account analysis, accounting hub, a connector for EPM data, and project analytics.

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

Fusion HCM Analytics provides workforce insights for HR and people leaders to effectively hire, retain, and grow talent. Recent releases include insights on journeys and learnings, talent profile matching, and security enhancements.

Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics

Fusion SCM Analytics provides ready-to-use KPIs for minimizing supply chain process inefficiencies and disruptions while ensuring customer satisfaction. Focus areas are work order analytics, product costing-related insights, connectivity to supply chain planning, and key enhancements to inventory on hand balances and receipts.

Oracle Fusion CX Analytics

Fusion CX Analytics is the newest addition to the Fusion Analytics family, focusing on providing revenue intelligence. Highlights of the capabilities include support for account-based marketing, subscription management analytics, analytics for B2B service management, and support for quotes, incentive comp data, and pricing optimization.

What Sets Oracle Fusion Analytics Apart?

Their value propositions for Oracle Fusion Analytics include:

  • Prebuilt, ready-to-use data and analytics for faster time-to-value.
  • An extensibility framework to incorporate all kinds of data sources, both Fusion and non-Fusion.
  • Cross-departmental analytics to connect all businesses and achieve shared KPIs.

The Best of Both Worlds

Oracle Fusion Analytics is the best of both the SaaS and PaaS worlds. Businesses can start exploring Fusion Applications data with minimal development efforts while leveraging the full power of Oracle's platform services to extend and customize services to meet specific customer requirements and needs.

Hire the right Experts to Deploy and Achieve Insights Successfully

Drivestream is a leading professional services company for Oracle Fusion Cloud and Analytics. It provides exceptional services in helping customers configure and use Oracle Fusion Analytics to derive meaningful insights. Their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Oracle Fusion Analytics enable them to provide high-level strategic insights to their clients, helping them to make informed business decisions based on unbiased predictions and fact-based decision-making.

Their services include guiding clients through the entire process of configuring and implementing Oracle Fusion Analytics and providing customized solutions to meet their unique business needs. They work closely with clients to identify their key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure that the insights provided by Fusion Analytics align with their business objectives.

They lead the industry in providing these services due to their comprehensive understanding of the entire Oracle Fusion Cloud suite of products, including Oracle Fusion Analytics. They bring a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in data analytics and help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and delivering measurable results ensures that our clients receive the most value from their investment in Oracle Fusion Analytics.


Oracle Fusion Analytics is the future of data-driven insights. It empowers organizations to make informed decisions based on prebuilt, data-driven insights, enabling alignment on key performance indicators across the organization. With capabilities that include ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX analytics, as well as value propositions like prebuilt, ready-to-use data and analytics, an extensibility framework, and cross-departmental analytics, it's clear that Oracle Fusion Analytics is the right choice for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. Partnering with the right professional services organization will make gaining insights a reality.



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